Unfortunately, my plans to write lovely posts with photos incorporated have hit a snag, in that flickr doesn’t allow you to have more than 200 pictures unless you pay for an account.  So right now I’m just posting pictures to facebook.  But facebook allows public viewing of photo albums, so here are links to what I’ve put up so far.

I’m hoping to find time over the weekend to write individual posts about each of these albums, but in the meantime:

Flight from Frankfurt to Roma, an appetizer from dinner the night I arrived, and our explorations/tour from the first full day: Rome Day One

Towards the end of our first week, it snowed. Rome in the Snow

Weekend trip to Ravenna: City of Art

St. Peter’s, and a visit to the small seaside town of Nettuno: Also includes the best sunset picture I’ve ever taken.

Tour of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Dude, maybe the Pope sat in that chair!

And last but not least, an album which will probably consist of random shots.  Among other things, a picture in which you can see my bedroom window.

(There, Mama, I put them up.  I’ll try to do some more with them soon.  Love you!)


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  1. Mama

    Nice! Now if you were to include little comments about daily (or not so daily) life as a student in Rome, “mwaah”! Now THAT would be a blog….

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